MAKING POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE CHANGES FOR YOUR DISORDERED THINKING: Periodically, I make posts describing a battle between our two selves; our “Eating Disordered Self” and our “Healthy Self.” The therapeutic goal is to bring your “Healthy Self” out of hibernation and to challenge your “Eating Disordered Self” thinking. The more you can involve your “Healthy Self,” the better. The goal is to have your “Healthy Self” become your dominant or true self. One of the ways to accomplish this goal is to counter any recognized disordered thinking/statements with a “Healthy Self” counter argument because if you allow the disordered thinking comment or thought to go unchallenged, it becomes your truth. For instance, a disordered thought or comment such as, “I don’t have any willpower,” deserves a healthy self counter argument such as, “The combination of experiencing reward from eating along with many repetitions of disordered eating experiences have created a powerful demand that is stronger than my willpower.” Then continue with something like, “With education and training I can learn effective strategies to strengthen my willpower and like many others, totally recover from this eating disorder.” I’m currently reading Dr. William Anderson’s, “The Anderson Method.” Dr. Anderson has been participating in our group offering support to a number of our members. In his book, he suggests the practice of offering counter arguments to your disordered thinking/comments. Here are a few of those counter arguments. “Do you think that eating out all the time in fancy restaurants is the good life?”…...The counter response: “Eating out all the time in a fancy restaurant is gluttonous and decadent, leading to decay of the body and soul.” For the disordered comment, “I’ve just given up and choose to eat what I want whenever I want.”The healthy response might be, “Eating whatever I feel like is what makes stretch marks, tight clothes, diabetes and lost dreams. Like a junkie loving a fix, in the end it brings body rot and destruction, tears and hopelessness. Saying it is the good life is a shameless lie.” For a comment, “I’m very busy so I rely on fast foods for my diet.” A healthy counter might be, “Fast food is no more convenient than microwaved low-calorie frozen meals, and far more healthy.” The idea here of course is to challenge disordered thinking and by doing so, regain your self-control. More on this topic later.

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May 19, 2017

Thank you for sharing your posts help me so very much xo


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