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I'm new to the groups and I'm really scared. I've had an ove

I'm new to the groups and I'm really scared. I've had an overeating disorder for as long as I can remember. I was morbidly obese by the time I was a teenager. I thought I had dealt with it and 3 years ago, I had bariatric surgery. It was very successful and I lost 140 lbs. Slowly, I started overeating again. In the past year I have gained 40 lbs. I just finished lunch, I'm very full, and I want to keep eating. HELP!

Jan 11

Hi...sorry for replying so late. Are there some feelings or circumstances that triggers you? It helps to dish out your portions and eat in a different area than the kitchen and drink some water before going for a second portion. Even squash in a activity. How are you with regular meal times and not snacking to often? What kind of foods do you often eat? Hugs


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