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Im 22, and have been obsessing over my body for nearly a dec

Im 22, and have been obsessing over my body for nearly a decade I think. Ive been counting calories since I was 15. A day doesn't go by where I don't look in the mirror and poke at my skin, pulling at the parts of me I wish weren't there. Im a vegetarian I eat healthy and exercise but mentally I can't stop having these unhealthy thoughts and honestly Im just exhausted. Summer is the worst for it because I get so self-conscious about my body, everyday I plan ways to become "thinner" so I can wear a bikini or wtv other garbage Ive been force-fed throughout my life. I get frustrated, thinking "hey I'm SMARTER than this" but it doesn't matter, I can't stop the thoughts. I just needed to rant, wish I could find peace with my body.

Apr 20, 2017

Try looking in the mirror and drawing arrows with a white board pen away from your body and only writing the positives, the things you like about yourself. Doing this daily can give you more and more recognition for the things you love about yourself. Also try telling yourself through the mirror that you are beautiful, think of all the things you are helping the world with also by being a vegetarian :)

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Apr 21, 2017

I look at it this way now .... I felt fat when I was too skinny... I now eat tons more than I use 2 and still feel fat...I'm still underweight ( so people tell me ) but I eat.....I don't think the thoughts of being fat and my repulsive body will ever fully go away but it's does get easier because 10/20 years ago I wouldn't be thinking on them lines ....I'd just be existing in a very lonely place...


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