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I haven't been on here forever but I feel like I'm crawling

I haven't been on here forever but I feel like I'm crawling through my skin, I am trying to somehow get through this day, and I need someone. I had a terrible counseling appointment last night-- and then when I tried to follow up with my counselor to tell her I NEED to talk to her to deal with what happened last night, she is completely ignoring me. I have been going through a hard time, to say the least. I have really tried to commit to making better choices and thought I was doing well. Then out of nowhere I felt completely blasted by her. I have been doing food logs for her. My weight has maintained, up a few pounds, down a few-- but I haven't been losing. I saw my doctor just a month ago. I have been honest on my logs and doing what she says. A week ago, she looked at my logs and even complimented some of the food I added in. Then suddenly this week, she downed me, told me how terrible my logs were, and demanded I go get more blood work done and said if I don't do this now she is terminating me. I begged her to just let me work with her (I can't keep running back to my doctor constantly-- first, I feel like a **** joke, plus I dont have the finances to keep doing this) and told her I would weigh for her and show her I'm gaining. But she refused. Then she got out this scale, made me take my shoes off, get on the scale in front of her. Acted as if she was considering letting me do this instead. Then after i did it, just sat there smirking at me and telling me I either give her my bloodwork or I am terminated. The more I pleaded with her, the more she came at me and finally told me it was time for me to leave her office.

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Oct 13

Really, why would she do this after stating you were improving?


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