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Hi everyone, I've never been part of a support group before.

Hi everyone, I've never been part of a support group before. Sometimes I feel that I can help others but right now I'm struggling to help myself & so I thought this might be a good place to start. I was diagnosed last year with ednos so guess I tick a few boxes in each eating disorder group. Although I've struggled with the disorder for 24years, since I was 10. In all of the research I've done, I haven't read that there's a cure & that you're always in recovery. Do you believe this to be true? I'm struggling with this concept as I want to be 'fixed' more than anything. Thank you :)

Oct 12

There’s hope! It’s just about renewing your thinking and finding ways to change those negative thoughts. Yea they say no cure but I know plenty who have overcome. It starts with renewing your mind. Everything starts with a thought... ways to overcome are meditating, affirmations... just changing those thought patterns

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Oct 13

I too, wish neurosurgeons would make magnetic laser therapy more available. Until then WE have to retrain our neurology from the inside. A very slow, repetitive process. It can be painful.
I am also working to be more still in my mind so that I can be more aware of thought patterns. Recognize & Replace.
For me, changing responses to anger, self blame and feeling alone are the mountains. I'm still climbing. But much closer to the top. And constantly having hope boosts from hearing from you all. Thanks.

Oct 16

Welcome to support. I agree. It's about changing your mind and how you think. Remember that you are uniquely and miraculously made. How you look is not what makes you beautiful. Outward appearances don't matter as much as what's inside. God loves you and He takes delight in YOU!


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