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Hello .. I have never done or been part of anything like th


Hello .. I have never done or been part of anything like this but I would like to try it out. I am not very good at expressing myself but I would like to get some help and also help others if i can.

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Oct 10

Hi thank you for answering . It’s difficult to explain . I feel big and heavy and i see myself as fat and then through out the day I might feel better about myself and try to convince myself that I am not as big as I think I am . So I diet and just think about my weight and my body all day long . Then when I feel better I eat and raid my fridge and pantry of anything I can eat . The second I am finished eating I fill sick . I never throw up but I want to and I feel even worse. I have no control and idk it’s just that I am aware of how I see myself all day everyday and it doesn’t stop . It seems to get worse and worse.

Oct 12

@c19 Thanks for getting back. Have you considered getting some therapy? Working through body image challenges may be too difficult for you to do on your own. Remember, you didn't begin life with these thoughts. They probably began due to the media's emphasis on being thin, (totally unrealistic as we are individuals with different body types, but their goal is to make money with fashion and sell products like Pepsi. All kinds of slender young attractive people slurping the poison down suggesting that we need to drink Pepsi or other similar drinks for happiness. You may have been teased or bullied in school or have significant others contribute to your current thinking. At any rate, Your brain is ingrained with body issues and you probably need some help to get your "self" back. Welcome to our group. We're here to exchange ideas and support one another along our recovery journey. We encourage you to join our happy group.

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Oct 12

I also suffer with bulimia... started at 13 and around 18 I figured hey I really have an issue here. Therapy is really the best option because they will teach you ways to cope with your emotions. Ed’s have a lot to do with how we cope with emotion... hurt, pain, anger, etc. I use daily affirmations and meditation to help pass the urge to binge and purge


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