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HAVE SOME BODY IMAGE ISSUES OR YOU'RE FILLED WITH A LOT OF SELF-DOUBT? Time to practice some Loving Kindness. Taken from the book, "Brain-Powered Weight Loss" by Eliza Kingsford.
Loving Kindness is a mindfulness practice designed to heal difficult emotions and replace them with healing love and acceptance. It helps increase our sense of love and compassion, first for ourselves, then for our loved ones, and then for all the other people in our world, especially those who tend to make our lives difficult. It heps protect us from developing and holding on to anger, hostility, and being judgmental.
Loving Kindness meditation is one of the first things I’ll prescribe to someone who is struggling with a negative body image and a lot of self-doubt.
You cannot hate yourself into loving yourself. You cnnot hate your bod into being the body you want. You can, however, learn compassion for yourself.
Practicing Loving Kindness is like saying a prayer repeating to yourself kind and loving words and wishes for the sake of yourself and others. Here’s how to go about it:
* Select a person to whom you want to direct Loving Kindness. It’s best to start with yourself, but if this is too difficult, choose someone you love. Do not start with someone causing difficulty in your life.
* Comfortably sit, stand, or lie down and begin breathing deeply and slowly. Open the palms of your hands and gently bring the person to mind.
* Recite a set of positive wishes you want to convey such as, May I be healthy, may I be at peace, may I be happy.” Repeat the phrases slowly, focusing on the meaning of each word as you say it to yourself. If distractions enter your mind, (and they will at first,) gently pull your thoughts back. Continue until you feel immersed in Loving Kindness.
* Gradually work your way through your circle of people, starting with your most beloved, then your friends, then those who make your life difficult, your enemies, and finally all beings. Radiate your Loving Kindness with words directed at each --”May I be happy, may John be happy.”
* Practice daily.

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shinyhan's picture
Aug 12

This always lightens my anxious thoughts and brings feelings of deep gratitude/joy. I first tried this when beginning to investigate Buddhism. The challenge I have is remembering to do it. Thanks for the reminder!


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