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Gotta be honest with you folks today. I was on my way home a

Gotta be honest with you folks today. I was on my way home and all optimistic that I could get myself to eat something for lunch. Yet I walked in the door and automatically, without a second thought, resorted to something else to help prevent myself from eating. I’m still debating the food. I know I need this. I want to make myself feel well. I’m trying so hard

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Apr 14

keep trying. eating disorders are hard to overcome, but I think it can be done. how are you doing today?

Apr 14

everybody has setbacks. Some days I feel the urge to restrict and some days I go through with restricting/other behaviors. I don't look at it as a relapse or a failure, just a bump in the road!

Apr 15

Yesterday was tough. I had a therapy appt and told my therapist what had been going on. We set a plan in place to keep me nourished and out of the hospital but as soon as I got home I fell through on my plan. I feel so defeated and I know today is a new day but it feels like I can’t just make myself eat, even with the motivation to stay out of the hospital which is a terrifying thing for me for so many reasons above the obvious


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