First post! Recovery from Bulimia for seven years now and te


First post! Recovery from Bulimia for seven years now and teetering on a relapse, a lot of self hate, desire to self harm, guilt over food, over eating and restricting. I know it's because of work stress and my upcoming wedding but I just can't get back into a structured eating schedule. I felt my happiest, healthiest and most in control when adhering to an SE plan and I long to get to grips with the lifestyle again but I keep having little hiccups and wanting to give up entirely or throw myself entirely at the mercy of my ED. someone to chat to or advice would be so helpful if there is anyone looking for mutual support please get in touch xx

Apr 21, 2017

Hey, I'm currently having a bit of a wobble too but mine's more EDNOS/anorexia related, happy to be a listening ear if it'll help you out :) Try not to panic, and try to remember that your health is worth fighting for, even if it's hard sometimes :) Have faith in the knowledge you've been healthy this long, so chances are you've already weathered several storms and pulled through the other side :) You've got this x

Maria40m's picture
Apr 21, 2017

It's a life long horrible battle ... it does get easier but it never stays away ... its like flicking a coin constantly.. keep strong you've done so well :)


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