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19 minutes ago
"PRECIPITATING FACTORS FOR BINGE EATING: Dieting: The single most important precipitating factor in binge eating is a period of dieting. Here, a combination of physical and psychological factors might be involved. When your body is in starvation, it will give you strong cravings for food because it is not getting enough nutrition. Psychologically, dieting and preoccupations with food may raise the risk of loss of control. This happens when a minor slip from a person's stringent diet causes them to abandon the diet completely and to overeat instead.

Stress: Some people lose control over eating after a period of stress. Many people start bingeing in response to feelings of anger and/or anxiety. Almost any difficulty that causes self-doubt or concern can manifest itself as a feeling of anxiety which a person may then attempt to alleviate with food.

Social Pressure: For some people, a social situation or experience can bring on the binge eating. A history of being teased about being you body or appearance, or not fitting in, can provoke disturbed eating habits as a way of coping with negative comments. Peer pressure, where friends go on a diet and a person joins in to conform, can also act as a trigger." Taken from Next post will deal with "Perpetuating factors.

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Apr 16

I was struck by the similarity between these factors for binge eating and other issues, such as drug and alcohol abuse

Apr 17

@norseduncan There are a lot similarities.


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