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10 days in now and i am still motivated to control my nightt


10 days in now and i am still motivated to control my nighttime eating ,starting adding some exercise and i feel like i am getting a handle on this.

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Apr 17

try not to let the scale dictate your progress! 10 days is a huge hump to get over and you did it!

Apr 17

@Fab41 forget the scale. Whenever I start an exercise program the following always happens to me. I go up a few pounds and stay that way for about 3 weeks. It is normal water retention from exercise. The time line can range from 3 to 6 weeks.

Also, I find if I over cut carbs, I have a hard time sleeping and end up snacking. I stick to a protein bar with some carbs and can usually get right to sleep after.

Apr 18

thanks so much,also i have tried a little running periodically when i am getting a walk in and have noticed the last 2 days my legs seem heavier.


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