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Hii, i have realized that im not as cheerful as i always hav

Hii, i have realized that im not as cheerful as i always have been. That voice is coming back i mean like it talks but not as usual as it used to. I skipped school today and my father turned off and took the internet. Now im alone in my thoughts with her. I am skipping meals like i used to. I have lost weight. Im now not happy with myself. Im afraid i have relapsed. I have not started cutting yet.

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Jan 12

@nolonger kinda

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Jan 12

@xxbee kinda OK or more like kinda not so OK?
What really helped me initially to feel better was that one message by Louise Hay. Perhaps you want to give that a try yourself? Just make yourself relax and listen a little of it ;)

I think of you and send you lots of warmth (very warm over here!)
Take care!

Jan 12

I would advice that you seek out a professional counselor and talk over your issues with voices as well as cutting. Have you talked to your father about perhaps seeking some help?


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