***Trigger Warning*** Today I've done it all at once again

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***Trigger Warning***
Today I've done it all at once again I've skipped uni to sleep all day and self harmed and binged and purged even though more food wouldn't come out after half an hour of self-induced vomiting i still continued till the back of my throat was bleeding i'm on the top of waiting list for therapy right now so i know I should be getting a call pretty soon and i can't wait to go i feel trapped in my **** right now and knowing i'll be getting help soon almost makes it worse its like i have an excuse to do the worst stuff to my body before i have to commit to get better but i don't want to do that to myself but i'm doing it nevertheless

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Jan 10

:-) no need to be down on yourself, if you need a way to stay skinny & still eat, I'll give you advice.
Eat healthy foods, like salads + boiled chicken, or fish. You'll never gain weight! And you won't need to purge!
As for feeling trapped in your skin, we all feel that way at times, we wish we were someone else, or different. But we can't change our skins, so change yourself instead! Pour your heart into what you love doing, and most of your problems will vanish, because your not thinking about them, but on your next project.

As for therapy I know a cheaper alternative but is limited on what they can do compared to office visits.
$279 for online therapy 4 live sessions a week, + all the text messages you want.
Down side:
no meds prescribed (free clinic for that)
no court or government stuff
no copay, but you still can submit the bill for medacare to pay for it.
I'm taking this option myself because I know I need it!


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