Hi All I'm new here and don't know how this works, but here


Hi All I'm new here and don't know how this works, but here goes. My husband is addicted to Kat and it is tearing my heart apart. We have been battling for many years, as he has been using for more than 10 years and we have been together for more than 2 1/2, but he was really doing so well. Before we married he promised to stop and when he didn't I postponed the wedding. He really tried hard and got over his alcohol addiction, but his addiction to kat has always stayed. The problem is that he keeps promising every time would be the last but it never is. I am have become so frustrated that I have even started hurting myself to try and stop the emotional pain. Please tell me there is someone out there that can help me deal with this

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Mar 21, 2017

Well for one DERB I had to look up this KAT drug since I have never heard of it before. Like any addiction HE has to be willing to give it up and get help if he is not willing then there is not much you can do. xo

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Apr 6, 2017

I agree with the above comment . He has to want to stop . You can't give up for someone else no matter how much you say you will .


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