I honestly want to give up on my boyfriend, i think I’m to

I honestly want to give up on my boyfriend, i think I’m too worrried about him because he wants to quick his marijuana addiction and at this point it’s annoying I have no clue how to help him . He lost his car and job and he literally has nothing and I feel like he doesn’t get that.

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Mar 5

@Jordan5683 my mom had a stroke so I’m staying with her until I start a medical program.

Mar 5

.Hi Aquarius,
I’m so sorry to hear about your boyfriend. I hope he can get the help he needs. How about professional counselling? You can also encourage him to surround himself with friends who will encourage him like a life group. Try to connect with a local church in your area and you can also talk to any spiritual leader in that local church.
I hope to hear from you again. Take care of yourself. Please stay strong, we are here for you. God bless.

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Mar 13

It sounds like you should trust your instincts and move on. You sound like a decent woman, that's just trying to be there and help someone you care about. But if he cannot realize where he's at and be Man and understand that he needs to take some steps then you can't let that bring you down for too long. You take care of you. There's only so much you can do and he should feel lucky. You don't need to fix but...help push I guess. Maybe he's at the bottom now and...some people really just cannot help themselves...but it's cuz they don't want to.
From someone who has ruined a couple relationships with truly good girls and just has had a mess of just Lifes issues, I have never been in a tougher spot. I have NEVER really had motivation until just recently and I feel really good, surprisingly. I know what needs to be done now and I'm excited and terrified about my future. I've never been able to talk to anyone on the Real, and I think that maybe I was supposed to go through this tough stuff ya know...? Kick in the a**. You can hit me up if you feel. This stuff has already helped me out a little and if I can get you picked up a little that's cool too. ✌

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