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Gabapentin is the devil!!!!! I've gotten off of heroin and m

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Gabapentin is the devil!!!!! I've gotten off of heroin and meth but gabs are so hard!!! I can take up to 40 800mg in one sitting and now I'm trying to get off of them while working a job and being a mom does anyone know how to taper? I tried to cut the amount in half and it was miserable someone please help me.

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Apr 17, 2018
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Apr 17, 2018

Read up on what it does to your internal organs. Perhaps an outpatient rehab NOT substituting drugs for drugs? I'm not judging at all, I grew up around heroin, crack, you name it. I watch people lose limbs from shooting up and gangrene rotting them away.
I'm not simplifying it I promise, I'm just sick of humans being pumped full of poisons with no regard to the damage it does to our bodies. My very best to you in your journey.


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