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yesterday at 4am I had to call an ambulance to come get me b

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yesterday at 4am I had to call an ambulance to come get me because I couldn't catch my breathe, constant gagging and coughing kept me from being able to. My grandma signed a paper for them to to take me without him, so I get dropped off in the waiting room. Eventually they call me in in. I get treatments, x-rays and all that. Respiratory infection and inflammation. So I'm sitting in my own personal room for about 2 hours, a nice nurse brought me her breakfast so I wouldn't have to pay in the cafeteria. Around 7 a new nurse takes over, I get discharged and kicked into the waiting room. I still haven't found a ride home. So I'm sitting there waiting for a few hours. Eventually my biological father said he'd be there after 10 to get me (he didn't show up until 12pm). Around 9, this man covered in tattoos, looked around 20 walked up to me asking if he could borrow my outlet, I said of course and went to take my plug out. He stopped me and said he could use the USB port and I could use one of his cords (mine was being funky). He started up small talk, why we were here. What we did, where we were from. Eventually I brought up how my medic had asked me if I was smoking, huffing paint or smoking meth and laughed. He then told me how he had a similar experience with a nurse, except when he said to her "I'm serious" she got awkward and stopped joking with him. The way he talked made me laugh, and he seemed nice, didn't get any weird vibes so we kept talking. Eventually he asked me if I'd ever do 'ice' if I was offered, not that he was, but if I was offered for free would I. I told him no, I had only ever gone as far as marijuana daily and cocaine only once when I was 13. He asked how old I was, I said 16 because I didn't want him (or anyone) knowing I was a 14 year old girl by myself in a hospital with no one watching me. He was really shocked and I asked him his age, it was 32. I was too lmao. So we stopped talking about the meth and he started talking about piercings and tattoos, showed me pictures of his guns and money. Which is common to flaunt where I'm from so it wasn't a big deal to me. The topic of meth came back up, he started telling its only addictive to those with addictive personalities, which is something Im sure I have. Then he told me how he actively sells it, without being on it. I still was iffy. Then he told about how happy it makes you, how it boosts your motivation, makes you want to get things done, and how euphoric it was. This caught my attention. I had never done a drug like that, other than weed. But a drug that I can do without 'getting addicted' and it makes me happy/motivated? It sounded perfect. Then my dad texted me letting me know he was on his way, so I had 20 minutes to waste. Finally I said "yeah okay, but where?". After discussing it we decided to go on to the second floor family bathroom. He said "Do you want to hotpipe it, snort it or?" I said Noo, snort? Bc it sounded less dangerous. He asked "Do you know what hotpipping is?" I said no. He said its less painful than snorting, and he can go get his bag that's in his friends room if I want. I said "Sure" and he left after telling me to stay. As I was waiting I looked myself in the mirror, I saw the perfect Image of my mother. Young, spontaneous, dumb and doing drugs in a bathroom with a 32 year old man I had met in a hospital waiting room at 14 years old. I started shaking once I realized what ibwas doing, but I didn't stop myself. He came back with a backpack and started taking everything out. I offered my phone as a flat surface, what o was doing was already unhealthy but I'll be damned if snort Meth off a bathroom surface. So he took a tiny balloon out and started placing crystals on my phone, as he was using his card to cut it up and make lines he started telling me what to do, and do exactly as he says so I do it right. I get another text from my dad saying he was a few streets away, I started rushing him. First he snorted some of the line with the heated pipe, then blew the smoke out of his mouth. I did the same, I didn't feel anything for a minute or two. Then he showed me how to smoke it through the pipe, he did it once then so did I. At this point I stopped shaking,my anxiety was gone and I enjoyed what I was doing. Then he said come here, I turned to him thinking he was gonna try to touch me or something, getting nervous I was ready to bolt, instead he blew the cloud of method into my mouth with his. I stayed still, not wanting him to try to go any further and kiss me. He started asking questions about my relationship life, while doing so he put some of the drug on my tongue, it tasted awul. 12 rolled around and my dad still wasn't here, so he started giving me free ****. Cute pair of maroon pants, he tried to offer some lace panties to me that didn't fit his friend, but I rejected already wanting to leave so I was in the lobby when my dad got here. As we packed up he gave me a tiny baggy to take home with me, I didn't hesitate on taking it. He asked if I had a number, I gave it to him because we had planned to do under the table tattoos. I'm getting roses on my shoulder. By the time we reached the second floor he said "you can go first they're probably here, dont wanna get you in trouble". As I walked out I got a call from my dad freaking out asking where I'm at, I said "right here?" while walking out the front doors, wherea few security guards were waiting, apparently they had been looking for me and said to my dad I wasn't here anymore. Any who we drove off, and went to go pick up my prescriptions. Its around 1pm when we get to the pharmacy. We got my first prescription, which was steroid pills for my breathing. I had to take three while my dad was arguing because they wouldn't give him my second prescription and figuring out how to get his own prescriptions as well, eventually the steroid kicked in, I was high on pills, meth and I had taken my Zoloft for the day too. I was high, very very high. We ended up waiting until 3pm to leave. By the time I get home I'm Taking my last three steroid pills for the day, them I smoked a blunt. Fell asleep. Today after waking up the first thing o remembered was the ice I had on me, I didn't think twice before taking it to the bathroom and snorting all of it at once,and putting the left over in my mouth, then I had to take two steroid pills. It makes me feel amazing, but I'm sitting here on the bathroom floor feeling guilty and alone. What's wrong with me? I'm 14, and this is where I'm at in my life. I'm not addicted, but I did like it. I'm not going to actively look for it, but if it comes to me I'm definitely taking it. For years I'd be offended and angry when everyone found every little thing to compare me to my mother as an insult, and now I'm actually.. here. I think I just don't care anymore. No matter how hard I try to please my family and show them I'm better than her, they only see everything wrong ive done, so what's the point of trying anyway? I dunno. My mouth taste disgusting and my nostril burns. Anyway, I just wanted to get this off my chest without being attacked and put down, and this site has been the only place ive ever felt safe. I'm sorry if ive disappointed any of you who saw better in me

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Jun 18, 2017

I am a 20 yr addict. Opiates were my thing bc of car accidents. Long story short someone offered me meth. I was curious so I tried it. I was told it would get me off Opiates. Yes it did but the depression from meth is bad!!! You are young. .. make better choices then me. Pot is medicine not a drug so I suggest medical marijuana


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