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you know how there are some things you dont to hear, like we

you know how there are some things you dont to hear, like well your husband has to be having a full blown affair otherwise why would he have just left. i tears up my heart cause he is so happy he is all in love with this person and i am nothing.

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Sep 18

@Irish925 thank you, i only contact him now when it comes to the finances since this is barely 2 weeks old i was kind of taken by surprise.

AllIWanted's picture
Sep 19

@Irish925 on with you on this one..I'll say it, I will NOT hate to see the ex narc in this kind of pain. I am not sorry. They (cheaters) ALL deserve this, this way maybe...just maybe it will make them become better people...instead of the pond scum that they are."

eddie1975's picture
Sep 20

@AllIWanted I feel the same way but i wish i didn't because i feel it makes me more like her. And I do not want to be like her. She's a horrible person. I do want her to suffer exactly as I have. I want her to feel her heart die, because mine did. I want her to be alone. I hate this feeling.


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