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Why does my exw try to keep in contact and be friends? She c


Why does my exw try to keep in contact and be friends? She cheated several times and lied over and over. I want nothing to do with you ever again. I honestly could care less what she does. Leave me alone you got what you thought you wanted. Bye bye. Tries about once or twice a week to contact me, I ignore it all.

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Sep 24

@mmadlecl 100% agree. Thank god for grey rock or I would never have made it through the divorce process. Good reminder thank you

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Sep 24

@Kyleah It can still apply even for texting. Yah, they are always the good guys. lol I'm sure after 17 yrs, it's very difficult. But you seem to have the right attitude in knowing what you have to do. Hang in there.

Sep 29

I hear you. My ex used to visit my work place until I got fired, I had to move to get away. Just keep ignoring them, hopefully she’ll stop. Good luck and stay safe.


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