WHERE'S THE PARTY AT?!?!?!...Ok sports fans, enough of the B

WHERE'S THE PARTY AT?!?!?!...Ok sports fans, enough of the BS let's see where this goes...so, I keep on hearing about party...where...when...than I get a post from Fifty about "@Irish925 sounds like we need to work on a plan. Can you imagine all of us getting together? It would be a riot!"...Ok, so here's the deal...this post is being generated to start planning the party...So,, here's what we need to start off with:

1 - WHERE - Please let me know your thoughts on where we should go? Vegas? San Diego? Ft. Lauderdale? Minot North Dakota...um, no! Let me know where we should go

2 - WHEN - With summer time fast approaching, some folks will need a few weeks to prepare...so, I'm thinking July...maybe July 4th...LOL...thoughts?

This is just the beginning, next is logistics...Hotel...food...car rental...bail money...the works!

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Jun 6, 2019

Wow! a party would be fun :) I'm not a beach bum but I wouldn't have an issue pulling up a stool at bar on the beach! LOL

Jun 6, 2019

@Scat I wasn’t trying to get a job. I was trying to keep the one I have. And yes. Good news. The layoffs are over and I’m still employed!! Party time :)

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Jun 7, 2019

@Irish925 I just talked to my realtor and they estimate my house will be on the market for 15 days, so after the closing I'm free to meet y'all anywhere.


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