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When my husband told me he didn’t want a divorce, just sep

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When my husband told me he didn’t want a divorce, just separated... in my mind that was “I want to work on our marriage” which we have yet to do.
He avoids me, I get an occasional text asking how I am.
I’m exhausted and tired of trying. Every time I try I get my hopes up only to have reality hit me in the face.
The only things that keep me going are my sweet dog and my job. I just have no words for how painful the uncertainty of the future is. Half of me just wants to file divorce papers so at least this is over. About a quarter of me is going to be asking what if you just hung in there. So confused and so tired.

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Apr 15

Hi again Sknp, please know that all marriages are going to have these really tough times and sometimes a third voice is needed to get things back on track as well as help strengthen the marriage for possible future issues. In my heart, I know it's all worth the effort to stay married. No one is perfect and once couples accept that, it makes it easier to live with the imperfections. Here is the retreat link and please update. I am very hopeful for your lives and marriage, blessings

Apr 15

Hi, again, forgot to answer your question. My husband and I didn't go to any retreats but looking back, we should have. It would have made it better if we had, blessings

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Apr 15

@HopeinGod the Facebook group I am in has these retreats. I didn't find the group until my marriage was over but they advertise that three out of four marriages are saved after this retreat. They are expensive but I think well worth it if the marriage is saved. By the time my marriage got to the point that she walked out I think it was too late to save. She was just done but I think if we had gone a few months prior to that we could have very well saved the marriage. It's a shame because my kids wouldn't be suffering right now had we only done something sooner.


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