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Well its Monday and once again I woke up to my ex causing mo


Well its Monday and once again I woke up to my ex causing more issues. Spent most of the day arguing with my attorney which is costing me more money. I don't understand how when a legal document is drawn up someone can just do whatever they want. I just want it to be done! Its one of those stay in bed and avoid the world days. Hope everyone is doing good today!

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Oct 12

He just didnt like giving at xmas or having special times for bdays etc. It was like he was being forced. He didn't want to do things that made me feel special.
I didn't require money to be spent or grand gestures, just would have liked an occasional romantic gesture, like flowers for no reason or a lovey text during the day. I didn't need him to spend a lot of money, just needed the thoughtfulness and reassurance. Would have liked him to suggest we have a weekend by ourselves once in a while. That's on my list now, a man who values time with me and is the one who suggests it. I just didn't feel loved and cherished.

Oct 12

@George0719 his other woman is more suited to him at this time in his life. I am much older than my husband and she is younger than him, only 2 years older than my younger daughter. She has tattoos, piercings, likes the f word, obese, makes videos of herself eating, crude, apparently likes a motorcycle and doesn't mind shacking up ...all of those are complete opposite of me. Almost like he had a list. I'm starting to think I need to lighten up some.

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Oct 12

@Barb4514 I am so sorry....I know the feeling...it has been a long time since I have felt loved or cherished...someday..maybe


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