Well it is a new year now and I did make important move I di

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Well it is a new year now and I did make important move I did move back into the house with wife and kids it’s ok but I know I’m doing the right thing here but are divorce was never finalized and I have tried to explain it and now one of my kids out of the blue maid a comment that we should not sleep in the same bed it’s wrong. I don’t have a bed yet and now my oldest is moving back and her mom wants to give her the room I was in because she doesn’t want her to move with the boy friend so now I over heard her talking (the mom ) and the boy friend was caught inside her house. So now in my opinion I told her we need to make the boyfriend uncomfortable by inviting him in and getting to know his family???? So I’m not in the best of mood but I’m trying

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7 hours ago

@Scat Hard either way sounds like.

7 hours ago

@Leahzan That's a lot to sort out, that's for sure. : ( I hope your refi buy out works out for both of you.

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6 hours ago

@Scat Yep. I got everything completed December 30th! And, he should close on his condo in a month. I'm hoping the change in the living situation will help the issues my kids currently have with him are due to their less than ideal living situation when they are with him. We'll see.


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