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We FINALLY finished the divorce - the judge signed it on Hal


We FINALLY finished the divorce - the judge signed it on Halloween. Last Friday, a courier dropped off some documents requiring a change to our 2015 taxes - I've checked it all and it's legit - our old cpa has been working on this for months. My ex now won't sign the new tax forms nor will she agree to cover any of the $ - despite the fact that the divorce decree states in black and white how we are to handle this!!! I don't know that I'm up to another court battle, but I don't see any way around it. I'm SO tired of being stuck fighting with her... Anyone deal with an ex on a matter post-divorce?

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Nov 13, 2017

If it is her bill to pay, I am not sure why you would need to take her to court. Wouldn't this just reflect on her badly, her not paying?

Nov 14, 2017

It will reflect badly on her. Her lawyer has continued to argue with me. For some reason, she wants my lawyer from the divorce to sign off that I won't take Beth to court over any interest that has accrued. I'm no longer working with the lawyer as the divorce is over and my ex owes less than what an hour of my lawyer's time costs. I mainly just need her signature. I've written out and emailed my agreement to not take her to court on any other cost associated with the taxes, but the lawyer is still demanding the lawyer's sign off. I've asked her to prove to me that what I've already sent can't be used in court. She has yet to do that, just continued to argue semantics. Her argument seems to be purely based on ego. Not that I've dealt with a lot of lawyers, this all seems kinda nuts. I'm glad my ex didn't find and hire her until the very end of the divorce...


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