Very emotional right now. Today marks 3 weeks since my husb

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Very emotional right now. Today marks 3 weeks since my husband asked for a divorce. And I see that he went out last night and didn't tell me. I know he doesn't have to tell me anymore but it just hurts. Now my mind is racing and I'm imagining that he went out on a date.

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Aug 12

Divorce or even someone asking for one is hard and it can almost blind side you if your not the slightest bit prepared for the outcome. This is the time for you to get healthy in your emotions and in your physical body have you ever thought to counsel with a licensed therapist. Maybe you could suggest you two go together but if he is not willing then you should do it for you. This will help you get clarity and the support you need to even process what your dealing with. My prayer for you is that you learn to value you and know that this is not the end of your story. There are new beginnings in this life. God Bless

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Aug 12

@Stef81 that's great! A support group in real life can be very beneficial : )

Aug 13

@HurtHubby - I know in my heart this support group is going to help you, me, and all who attend. In the meantime, I continue to pray to my Lord and Savior. One good thing out of all of this is I am working hard to become a better Christian, and I am finding comfort in Christ. Just sorry it took my husband's leaving jme for another to get here. Bless you. I pray for us both to heal from the hurt and uncertainty we both now face. This is bigger than we, so let's p.try to put it in God,s hands and trust in Him.


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