Today I am feeling dirty inside. I feel dirty that I loved

Today I am feeling dirty inside. I feel dirty that I loved him. I feel dirty that he touched me during the marriage. I feel dirty that I ever trusted him. I feel like I will never trust again.

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May 4

@Leahzan Thank you Leahzan. Try not to believe that his behaviors color your history. People who know you may wonder what you saw in him, but they will never confuse your strength and character with his weakness.

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May 4

@Leahzan gosh, I remember blaming myself at first exactly the same way. :( Please do not blame the victim. Trusting someone should not be a crime. It was explained to me that there are givers and takers. You are a giver. We are guilty of being overly Trusting, but again, not a crime. I would still rather be a giver. Unfortunately yes, there will always be people trying to take we learn how to be on our guard and it is a painful, necessary lesson.

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19 hours ago

@PB2020 Thank you! I needed to hear that. I know it intellectually, but don't always feel it.


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