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Today has been extremely tough, it is our anniversary. It sh

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Today has been extremely tough, it is our anniversary. It should be a happy day but all I want to do is crawl into bed and sleep the next month away. I know I can’t because of work and kids but **** it sucks to feel anything right now.

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Oct 9

@TR06 my husband and I have a new house that is currently being built still and is supposed to be finished by Christmas. He is giving me the house and the 23 Acres on it in full custody of the kids. He says he doesn't want to be stuck down with a mortgage if he wants to explore the world with her.

Oct 9

@Nightingale73 So whilst the new house, I assume, was a dream for you both... at least if he's giving it to you, you and your kids can put your stamp on the home and make it your own. My mind still boggles as how much influence these OW have... and how the years our husbands have spent with us - have become meaningless... I have given my life to him, our home and our family and for what... to be thrown to one side in favour of the OW... Is yours looking to spend any time with the kids ? Or just looking forward to his new life travelling with her ?

Oct 9

Yeah, my anniversary is the 14th, just in time to let him go and start fresh. It's truly tragic but far later than it ought to have been.


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