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This question has no merit, I'm just curious. What did you d

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This question has no merit, I'm just curious. What did you do with your wedding ring? Are you still wearing it? Is it stored in a drawer or box? Did you sell it? Did you throw it as far as you could off a bridge somewhere? Where is your wedding ring?

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Sep 23

I took mine off the day I found out my wife cheated on me. I had it at home for a while but when I packed her stuff for her i found her coin jar and dropped it in there. I had no desire to keep it, figured she could do with it as she pleased. She found it pretty quickly when she finally got her stuff, she let me know she had my ring, I said I know, i put it there, and that was the end of the conversation.

Sep 23

@morningview I did the same, stopped wearing it when I found out.

Sep 23

When we got married at city hall, my ex husband showed up in a hot dog shirt and went "I didn't think about rings". Luckily, I'd brought two $20 rings from Amazon. I'd go on to break one and lose another of the exact same ring (thank you Amazon order history) before we got divorced at the 3 year mark. My third one is dinged up and thrown in a pile with my other cheap gewgaws. I'm keeping it as just one of the physical markers of my life story.


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