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This is my list of everything I think is bad since the divor

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This is my list of everything I think is bad since the divorce. I'm sending this to my attorney when I seek to get full custody. Some of this may seem trivial or unimportant but I'm sure my attorney will uses what's necessary. Amber is the mother, Jean is the grandmother, Dave is the grandfather.

7/3/2018 Kids said Amber and her parents talk bad about me and ask them regularly what I say about them.
7/5/2018 Amber and Jean wouldn't stop texting Becca and Trinity, telling them their feelings were hurt because they wouldn't hang out with them on the 4th of July. This upset the girls.
Trinity told me she wants to quit therapy because Amber and the therapist talk negatively about me.
7/6/2018 Trinity told me she was upset because Jean was yelling at her on the way to therapy about ignoring Amber.
Trinity also said Amber sat in on her therapy and was crying because Trinity won't spend time with her.
Trinity said Amber keeps asking her if I say anything about her. Trinity told her no I don't
7/9/2018 Trinity said Amber won't buy her a pair of jeans so I had to
Amber was trying to force Trinity to hang out with her because the therapist said they “have to do something together every three days."
Trinity told Amber she wanted to quit therapy but Amber scheduled her another appointment anyway
Trinity told me she feels like Amber is using her
Amber bought Nick a new Xbox and Phone after I sold them because of his bad behavior. I warned Nick multiple times I was going to do this if he didn’t change his behavior
7/10/2008 Aleigha told me Nick ran away at 1:30 then later in the evening Amber texted me and told me she let him go stay with a friend, the same friend he ran away with a few months earlier, a friend involved with drugs.
7/11/2018 Amber told Trinity she had to file a missing person report on Nick but Amber tells me she knows where Nick is.
7/13/2018 I tracked Nick down and let police know where he was. They picked him up and brought him back to Amber. She texted me and said Nick ran away and she found him. This is the first time she acknowledged he was missing for four days.
I took Trinity to Amber's to get some clothes and Becca went in. Amber told her she knows she is upset over this but told her she will get over it someday. Becca said "Mom is crazy."
7/14/2018 The Mason police called me and asked if Nick had been found. I told them yes and thought they brought him home. They told me Amber NEVER filed a missing person report.
Amber was again telling the kids I am manipulating her bio family over some furniture they want back.
7/15/2018 I was at church camp in Columbus and got a call from Ravenswood police about Nick being drunk at Amber's party. Nick said she let him get drunk and then attacked him scratching the blood out of him and choking him. His BAC was .08.
Nick and Trinity told me the guy I accused Amber of cheating on me with was at her house and has been many times before, even before the divorce. They said he has spent the night with my children present.
7/23/2018 Amber told the kids that I got in her face the day before and threatened her. Becca and Trinity are witnesses that she is lying because they were there at the time Amber says I threatened her.
Nick told me Amber has been painting me as a monster and he believed it for a long time, until she attacked him a few days ago.
Nick and Trinity both told me Amber has been slapping them for years and telling them she controls them.
I had to take the kids to get some things at Amber's. They said she was sitting in the kitchen floor drunk and was crying and told them she's afraid I'm going to kill her and her boyfriend.
7/24/2018 The kids told me that grandma Jean got drunk and told them how she used to put guacamole on grandpa’s penis and suck it off.
Becca and Trinity said Grandma Jean started a group chat with them and was asking them why they hate her. They said they think she is drunk so they ignored her and didn't text back.
7/25/2018 Becca blocked Amber on Snapchat saying "Mom just doesn't get it."
Nick said he asked Amber for a phone and she said she can't afford one. She could easily afford one because she gets all the kids adoption subsidy.
Trinity said Amber told her a story about how I abused her when we first got married by dragging her across the room by the hair and bashing her face against the bathroom sink.
7/26/2018 Amber called my mother and told her to talk to me about manipulating the kids against her.
Trinity told Amber Becca is mad at her that's why she blocked her on Snapchat. Amber said Becca will get over it.
Amber painted and fixed up Trinity's room at her house but Trinity still refused to go back over there.
Amber told Trinity that I raped her throughout our marriage and threw things at her if she refused sex.
7/27/2018 The kids were complaining that Amber says she has no money to buy them clothes but she paid $1500 for a trip to King's Island with her boyfriend.
The kids are mad because Amber tells them her and her boyfriend are "just friends" but the kids say they lay on the couch and cuddle and they are sick of her lies.
7/30/2018 Amber tricked Becca into meeting her boyfriend at dinner. Becca was furious.
Amber yelled at and upset Becca over a key Becca had misplaced to her friend's house. Becca was upset.
7/31/2018 Trinity talked to her bio mom who told her that Amber has been calling her and saying terrible things about me.
8/1/2018 Amber told Trinity that I won't stop trying to control her.
Becca and Trinity told me Amber has hundreds of pills in the bottom of her purse and the console of her car.
8/3/2018 Becca and Trinity were mad because Amber was lying to both of them about getting them to go to dinner with her and they caught her up in it and decided not to go with her.
8/4/2018 Caleb was mad because Amber gave the kids report card money which was always based on their grades but she gave them all $40. He said it wasn’t fair.
8/5/2018 The girls complained about Amber putting their pictures on Facebook like they are having fun with her when they are not. They also said every time they see her she asks them what I am doing and they are sick of it.
8/6/2018 Amber’s dad called me and said she was telling him bad things about me so he called to get my side of the story.
Becca texted Amber and said “Leave me and dad alone. You stopped being my mom when you divorced dad” after she found out her mom told her dad I was letting the kids do whatever they want.
8/7/2018 Nick has been missing for two days so Amber left her house with Aleigha and Allison and locked the doors and Nick happened to come home but couldn’t get in the house.
8/8/2018 Trinity complained that Amber was bugging her to come stay with her and she kept telling her no. She said when she is there Amber tries to snoop on her phone. Trinity said she thinks Amber got on her phone and deleted pictures she had of Nick’s scratched bloody neck from the party in July.
8/9/2018 Amber came by to talk to the girls and Becca said she was forced into the car and taken to her mom’s house against her will.
8/16/2018 I paid $100 for the girls to get their nails done and Amber refused to pay any of it
8/17/2018 Trinity was complaining again about the relationship between Amber and her therapist. I emailed the therapist my concerns but she told me she can’t talk to me, only Amber. I told her Trinity is uncomfortable with her personal relationship with Amber.
8/21/2018 Nick is continuing to skip school and Amber is not doing anything about it.
8/22/2018 I promised Becca an Apple watch a year ago and I finally got her one. Becca tried to get Amber to help pay for it but Amber refused.
Caleb said that Amber and her parents were blaming me for Allison getting on the wrong bus at school one day last week and were calling me names. He defended me.
8/26/2018 Amber wouldn’t let Allison’s biological sister Jessica come to her birthday party.
8/29/2018 The kids told me Amber lets Nick smoke an e-cigarette at her house, telling him to take it outside.
Nick showed the girls a bag of weed he keeps in his room. He said no one there cares if he smokes it. Not Amber, not the boyfriend and not grandma.
Becca and Trinity told me that grandma Jean was yelling at them for only coming around when they need something.
9/4/2018 The kids told Amber that Nick was planning on having a party at her house when she was gone. She didn’t listen and he did. Caleb said he went over the next day and there were beer cans all over the place.
Aleigha told the other girls she wanted to die. They told Amber and Amber said if they spent more time with her they would feel like that.
9/7/2018 Aleigha told me Amber won’t spend any time with her because she’s always with her boyfriend.
Becca told me she keeps texting her mother but getting no response.
9/23/2018 I spent $700 on homecoming. Amber spent $0.
9/24/2018 Amber told the girls that my goal in life is to make her miserable.
Allison told me that mommy is always asking her what I say about her
9/25/2018 Trinity needed some stuff from Amber’s house and when we stopped by to get the stuff it was sitting outside the locked door. Trinity knocked but Amber wouldn’t let her in the house.
9/28/2018 Nick told me he feels cold and alone in the house with Amber. He said she treats him bad and yells at him all the time.
10/1/2018 Amber told Nick he couldn’t go with me and the girls on a weekend trip 30 minutes after we left because he didn’t clean his room. Trinity confirmed he did clean his room and even helped him do it. I couldn’t just turn around and bring him back.
Aleigha called me crying and asked me to come and get her because Amber was screaming at her. She was scared and wanted me to come get her and Allison but I didn’t have room in the car for both of them and Aleigha said she was scared to leave Allison alone with Amber.
Trinity needed to get some clothes from Amber’s house and when we stopped by Amber would not let Trinity in her house.
10/2/2018 Amber told Becca if she would spend more time with her she would help buy her a car.
10/15/2018 I grounded Trinity from data on her phone for a week for hiding her location from me. I told Amber exactly what I did and Amber went out and bought her a new phone to prevent me from controlling Trinity’s data.
10/16/2018 Becca had a dentist appointment which grandma and grandpa took her to. She said they were talking bad about me afterwards when they took her to eat.
10/18/2018 Becca asked Amber to help her buy a car again. Amber told her she didn’t have any money but Becca was mad because Amber bought Trinity a new phone and a new bedroom suit after Trinity “moved back in with her.”
10/22/2018 Becca went to Amber’s after school and texted me later to come pick her up. She said Amber was trying to force her to hang out with her boyfriend when she didn’t want to.
10/25/2018 Nick told me that Amber told the judge he has been drinking in her house but failed to mention she is the one buying the alcohol for him.
10/30/2018 Amber asked Becca and Trinity if she should take her relationship public on Facebook. They told her they didn’t care because it’s her business. They asked me how their mom could just throw away twenty years with me.
11/6/2018 Amber texted me about how everything in her life right now is Nick’s fault. I told her he is upset because she beat him in 2016 but she won’t listen.
As of today we have spent nearly $70,000 on attorneys since May 24, 2016 directly resulting from Amber beating Nick and cheating on me.
11/15/2018 Amber asked Becca to hang out with her and her boyfriend. Becca ignored her mother’s text.
11/19/2018 Nick was interviewed by a social worker who was doing a CAPS assessment on him. He told this worker that Amber has physically abused him in the past. (Nothing ever came of this.)
Aleigha told me she wants to stay with a friend when she comes to my house this weekend because Amber will never let her stay with friends but she also wants to spend time with me. Aleigha is hurting.
11/21/2018 Allison said the above social worker came to her school to ask her questions about our family. I was never asked if this was okay. Allison told the social worker that Amber gets drunk all the time, beats Nick and cheated on her daddy. (Things she has heard from her siblings, not me.)
12/11/2018 Nick texted me saying he should just kill himself. I got Trinity from school and took her to Amber’s house to check on him. Trinity called Amber and the police. Amber said “Oh my God, I guess I’ll leave work” but she didn’t. She never showed up. Police had to get to him to ensure his safety.
Nick told social workers he was lonely at Amber’s house because his siblings are never there and she said “That’s not true.” She dismissed his feelings in front of everyone present.
12/26/2018 Trinity told me that Grandpa Dave said inappropriate sexual things to her and her friend (He told them he had been getting blowjobs from elves.) She said he was forcing her friend to sit on his lap against her will calling her his girlfriend. This after a few months ago Grandma Jean got drunk and told the kids that she used to put guacamole on grandpa’s penis and suck it off. Trinity warned Aleigha to stay away from him and keep Allison away from him.
12/31/2018 Becca was mad because Amber told her she could come to her house to wash her clothes but Amber wasn’t home and her doors were locked and the kids don’t have keys.
1/7/2019 Amber let Becca take her boyfriend’s car to a town 40 miles away to hang out with him. I had told Becca she was not allowed to do that. I told Becca if she wants to live with me she has to listen obey my rules because her mother’s rules are very questionable.
1/14/2019 I told Becca she could not spend the night with a boy or have a boy spend the night with her so she goes to Amber who lets her take her boyfriend’s car again 40 miles away in a snowstorm to pick up a boy to bring back to spend the night with her at her mother’s house. She had three friends with her plus the boy and got stranded. Amber had to call her boyfriend to go get the kids. Amber also lied to one of the girl’s mother, who was concerned about her daughter’s safety. She sat outside Amber’s house while Amber was lying to her about where her daughter was.
I made Becca come back home and when Amber dropped her off. Aleigha and Allison came in and hugged me and said they wanted to stay with me because their mother was talking bad about me all weekend.
I told Becca she was going to have to move out of my house and in with her mother if she was going to use her mother to defy me. Becca apologized to me and begged me to let her keep living with me. I told her I could no longer tolerate her running to her mother who allows her to do things like this when I say no.
1/24/2019 I asked the kids to move in with their mother because of finances. They REFUSED.
1/31/2019 Amber’s stepdad called me names and attacked me on Facebook and three of my kids saw it. They asked me why grandpa did that. I told them I don’t know.
2/2/2019 Trinity and I looked at an old picture of our family and I said we used to be so happy. She said she wasn’t and proceeded to tell me that Amber used to hit her when I was downstairs and wouldn’t let her come down to tell me
Nick told me she did the same thing to him and his friend witnessed it. He told his friend to tell his dad who said that sucks but there’s nothing anyone can do about it.
2/5/2019 Nick had court. Trinity went with us and Amber asked her to go home with her. Trinity said no.
Amber also kept interrupting me when I was trying to answer social workers questions about Nick
Amber agreed to pay for Becca’s manicure but told Becca she didn’t do a good enough job cleaning her boyfriend’s car a few days ago so she needed to do more. Amber basically forces the kids to spend time with her if they ask for money.
2/7/2019 Aleigha asks me if I can pick her and Allison up for Wednesday church. I found out it’s because Amber needed a babysitter because she is not going to be home.
Allison told me she wishes she didn’t have to go back to her mom because she wants to stay with me.
2/11/2019 Aleigha, Amber and Jean got into a text argument over a phone charger. Becca and Trinity got drawn into it and everyone started saying I needed to go buy a new one for Aleigha. I told them I don’t have money to buy new charge cables every time they get lost because Amber gets all of the adoption money and therefor SHE should buy them.
2/12/2019 Trinity cries for the first time ever and I ask her why. She tells me she is getting picked on by adult parents about dating their sons, being told she comes from a horrible family (relating to Amber and I getting arrested in 2016 after Amber beat Nick)
2/18/2019 Becca, Trinity and I went to Bristol, VA to watch our local basketball team play. As soon as we crossed the border into Virginia they started getting texts from Amber and Jean asking them what they were doing in Virginia. The girls said they were ignoring them but got aggravated because they wouldn’t leave them alone.
2/25/2019 I had to go talk to the preacher who works for our local Christian school because of these parents who are harassing my girls, saying they come from a horrible family. I told him that what Amber did is no a reflection on our whole family and we don’t associate with her anymore. These rumors and bullying HAS to stop.
The girls complained to me that it took two hours for their mother to respond to them. They asked me what is more important to her than them. I told them I don’t know.
3/1/2019 Followed the kids and I to the DHHR when we dropped Nick off after he was court ordered to go to a group home. I almost backed into her because she was speeding out of the parking lot. The kids seemed upset and kept asking me what she was doing following us.
3/4/2019 Amber texted me making accusations about things I have never done such as tell the kids not to call her mom. I thought the conversation was between her and me but she sent screenshots to Becca and Trinity who came and complained to me that she was doing that. They said they thought she was drunk because she wasn’t making any sense.
3/5/2019 Amber texted me apologizing for the things she said to me the day before. This emotional back and forth is something I can’t deal with.
3/14/2019 Amber texted my older sister asking about me, asking if I took the girls to Columbus over the weekend. She upset my sister.
3/18/2019 Aleigha went fishing with us for a while until Amber picked her up to take her to work with her. Apparently Amber has been taking Aleigha and Allison to work with her when she doesn’t have a sitter instead of leaving them with me when I’m available. Trinity said Amber did this with her a few months ago too. I don’t think it’s healthy for children to be spending eight or more hours in a nursing home.
Trinity told me that Grandpa Dave told her that I forced her mom to get out of the military and skip college to be with me. My kids should NEVER be told things like this.
3/21/2019 Becca is angry before school because she dropped her clothes off at Amber’s the night before to be washed (she does this every now and then- maybe once a month- to save me time and money at the laundromat) and she came back wearing wet pants. She was going on about how stupid her mom was, asking why that guy is more important than she is. I said nothing except maybe her mom just got too busy.
Becca went to her mother’s before I got off work. She texted me ten minutes after she got there and told me to hurry up and pick her up because Grandma Jean was talking about me and it was making her mad.
Trinity posted a picture of herself, me and Becca on SnapChat to make Amber mad because Amber texted her and told her she was at Kohl’s but couldn’t afford to buy her any clothes because she didn’t get her full paycheck. Trinity was mad. What about the $2,729 adoption subsidy she received for the adopted kids less than ten days ago? Where’s that money?
Becca complains to me that her mom is bugging her about where Caleb is. Caleb is eighteen and he went out of town. If he wanted his mom to know where he is he would have told her or responded to her texts himself.
3/30/2019 Trinity and Amber got into a text war with each other. I told Trinity to stop but she didn’t and they ended up saying very mean things to each other. Trinity was extremely upset. Trinity feels like Amber was telling her that she made a mistake loving her because she thought she was more loyal than she is showing.

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Apr 24
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Apr 25

@lostsngdad I know right?! It's crazy what this woman has done in a year. Three years ago I would have called someone a liar if they told me this was possible.

Apr 25

time to take the gloves off ! fire your lawyer find a pitbull with lipstick and get what is yours ! i came to realize that morals are for the end of the story when it comes to the divorce world !


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