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the year is almost over and it's been a roller coaster for m


the year is almost over and it's been a roller coaster for me. on new years day she asked for a divorce. and over the next couple of months we just quietly let our marriage fade away into nothingness. we divided up our lives and moved away from what we had. i remember coming onto this site and looking for answers. i found a lot of sympathetic hearts. not much in the way of answers, but of course i truly didn't expect any sort of epiphany. since then my life has slowly moved on. i don't hear from her or see her unless we meet up for visitation hour. she plans on moving 5 hours away and taking our fur babies with her. nothing i can do about it since dogs are considered property in our state. for a long time i laid restless at night wondering ifi could do something to fix it all. but i finally understood that nothing could be done. that realization was painful and it hurt tremendously. i went through counseling for months to try to "fix" myself so i could get her back. then one day i realized i was better off without her. i went thru all the stages. denial, anger, sadness, etc. and finally i arrived at acceptance. and it took almos a whole year to get here; even with help from so many people. so for all of you going through it. just know that you will get here. i didn't think i would. honestly there were times i thought about suicide. but i'm glad i didn't do anything stupid. trust me guys and gals. you too will see the light at the end of the tunnel

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Nov 15

@Jenn4473 for a long time i also felt like i deserved an apology or at least an explanation as to why she just upped and ended it. never got it. never will. she's just that type of human being

Nov 21

I am going through this right now after being with her for almost 8 years. It hurts so bad and I feel like I’m stuck feeling like this forever with no escaping it. It is absolutely miserable and heart breaking.

Dec 10

@TrMi yes i understand exactly what you're feeling right now. but trust me, there is light at the end of the tunnel


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