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Sorry, me again. I have our 2 lovely teens living with me bu

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Sorry, me again. I have our 2 lovely teens living with me but obviously they have their own lives. I have a couple of friends nearby, a brother within an hours drive and work. But for 20 years WH was my best friend. I haven’t spoken to him in a few days, he lied again and we argued. He has changed beyond all recognition and I’m really struggling with this. I achieved a small thing yesterday and it felt very strange not to text him to tell him. I do not know where the person I knew for 20 years has gone, but he has most definitely gone.

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Jun 5

@CN75 can you support me? I want to ask about NC.

Jun 6

@beth65 , certainly I just did.

Jun 30

It will be 15 years this August 3rd since my 2nd divorce. The first ex killed himself and his girlfriend barhopping on a motorcycle at midnight. I ended up raising our two children by myself, but did have a 2nd husband who destroyed my life. It has been almost 15 years since that divorce, Life has not been the same since. I have not been able to make friends and have not found love again either. I'm dating a man, but he has made it clear he doesn't want to get remarried, and he keeps his distance, so I feel like I'm wasting my time. I empathize with your situation. It's hard not having your best friend to be there to talk to and enjoy their company, etc. Many prayers...


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