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So today marks two days since I last spoke to my wife about

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So today marks two days since I last spoke to my wife about divorce. I made it 21 days last time until I was advised to speak to her about starting the divorce. As some of you may of seen, that didn't go to plan. Now, it's currently 17:30 and I cant help but think about her. I cant stop thinking about the things we did together, the things we had planned together. I've tried doing what I did to get myself to a point of contentment to no avail. It's been 7 months of us being separated and although she has a boyfriend who she lives with (see other posts) I cant stop wanting to message her. I do what I used to do which is say the negative things out loud, write them down and then carry on my day but these past two days since I contacted her, I don't know, I'm struggling. All I want to do is message her but I know that I must not. Can anyone help?

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Nov 18

@keirarose and meanwhile I'm really nice to my friends too! lol I know they are just trying to be protective but I can take care of myself. Maybe not in the beginning when this all went down but now I'm a different person.

Nov 18

Man, I don't have anything to add to this post other than I see a lot of parallels to my situation. My wife and I were passionate about each other for a long time, but we both let the "little things" eat into that closeness and feelings of togetherness. I am one of those guys that goes over my own actions over and over, is overly self-critical, and, at times, feel I am not worthy of happiness. I need to find a way to get past that - it is a character flaw. I always expect the worst. I think my impending divorce was almost a self-fullfilling prophecy. Thank you all for sharing your stories.

Nov 21

@outoftheblue72 I love your confidence! And yes, friends are important even when they don't agree with our approach. Listen to them, process their advice and then do what feels right to you...sounds like you are doing that! Good job!


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