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So... My STBXH says he wants more kids. We have 5 and he has

So... My STBXH says he wants more kids. We have 5 and he has a daughter whom he signed his rights away from before we met. She's about 21 I believe. There is no contact there. Our kids are girls 18 & 17 years old. Boys 11,8, & 4 yrs old. He's not a good father either. Typical Narcissist. He picks them up out of obligation. Only my 2 youngest visit him. Everytime I offer him more time he always has an excuse as to why he can't. When we had our youngest he underwent a vasectomy. The mistress now GF is 29 yrs old. He's 40 I'm 38.
Apparently he wants more children now. He mentioned to me that if it's going to happen it has to happen this year. Mind you they don't have the money for the reversal. He acts as if children are a bandaid. We had 5 and were married for 16yrs. And that didn't change him at all. I hate that this bothers me. And he says it knowing it's going to hit a nerve. He doesn't think about our children how he already doesn't spend enough time with them.
It's crazy how he makes all these future plans with her yet he's cheating on her. Even the times we have gone to court he's actively looking at females with the intent to get attention. I've read that Narcissists are always on the prowl. It's like he doesn't even bother to hide it from me since I know him without the mask. I know that I will never understand the craziness inside his head. I get that. I just get so upset of the nonsense he spews. He tells me it's his business and I have no say in what he does with his GF. And although that is true. It infuriates me to think of more innocent children being brought into this world to hurt like our kids are. And having said all that he still wants me to sleep with him. He wants me as the side piece. Who knows how many others there are. He admitted to me that he cheated on me numerous times and some were with women from work. Well he still works in the same place. Not hard to guess that those women do to.. He doesn't make any kind of logical sense. I know this is the typical Narcissist mindset. However it's a really distorted view of reality.

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Feb 22

@cantletgo222 can you just file yourself?

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Feb 22

@cantletgo222 yes they always want to keep their options open.

Feb 23

@Barb4514 yes I can file which I am going to be doing.


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