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So I just got paper work in the mail that says I'm officiall

So I just got paper work in the mail that says I'm officially divorced since February 18th... This Thursday we have our final court day. I don't know how to feel. I'm not happy and I'm not sure if I feel sad. I can't cry. It feels surreal. Like a bad dream. I was his wife for 16yrs. We've been separated for 3 yrs. I feel lost. He's been moved on with the other woman since he left. I feel stuck. I go to therapy for my mental and emotional issues.. I go to church for my spiritual wellness. And I haven't been able to move on with someone else. I'm afraid of not being able to fall in love again. I'm afraid of comparing everyone to my xh...
I'm 38 ... I can't imagine starting a love life all over again...

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Feb 26

@Rainbow_Brite Yes, you do. 38 is so young. Take time to grieve and work on yourself. I've been listening to Ted Talks and some of them have helped me. One in particular is by Lucy Hone who lost her 12 year old daughter. It is "Three Secrets of Resilient People." I have two grown children. To me loosing a child is the worst of any hurt one could imagine. This is just a divorce from a bad person. I'm getting thru this and you can too.

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Feb 26

I can relate to everything you're feeling.

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Feb 27

@mmadwaite Thank u...


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