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So besides the Incredible fear and concern of the coronaviru


So besides the Incredible fear and concern of the coronavirus, I just found out my husband walked out and moved to another state. No explanation other than he has paid his dues, and he is going to do him. Those two things are pretty life altering scary moments. But along with that all within the time of 48 hours I lost job,my home, my car, my phone & MY MARRIAGE. I have never gone into a chat room or support group. But I am paralyzed with pain with him walking out and our city is on lockdown. I’m scared no actually I’m terrified. Please help

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Mar 26

I'm pretty sure this quarantine is going to drive us all crazy but just keep talking to us. Your husband doing that in the middle of all of this is just nasty. Hang in there.


@divorceinevitable I wish I could attend one of those. But my ex to be is a minister and everyone knows him, except they don't know he's a narcissist.


Oh my gosh! I feel your pain. It's terrifying to have all that being dropped on you all at once. Sounds like he has someone out there. You didn't mention kids, so none? How long were you married?? What an a hole!


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