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So after the narc backing out on his decision to move with m

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So after the narc backing out on his decision to move with me to a cheaper house for our daughter's sake, so she could have a nice place, he could still afford to pay spousal support and live in, when I leave him, I decided screw this noise. I'm just going to make him sell this house in court and use my share of the proceeds to get into something else and still make him pay spousal support. If my daughter still insists on living with him (she's an adult) she'll just have to learn on her own what he really is when his girlfriend moves in, which you know she will because he's already grooming his next source of supply. But more recently I sold a piece of my mother's property, worth less than 2K for my share and my uncle gave me a gift of some cash. I thought at least I can use it to help me move out, soon as I have monthly spousal support through the courts and we sell the house. So, all the sudden, today he starts saying, that he wants to buy a house with me after all and sell this one, to "save money." So here's my theory. His sl*t next door that knows he's married and cheating on me with her, told him to let me buy a house with him and move, so they could live in a cheaper house together when he's forced to pay spousal support. They know I had this money and could use it for an FHA loan or whatever. TOO D*MN LATE. I would have cooperated with him for our daughter's sake. But once he pulled this not selling the house anymore cuz he wanted to stay near his c*nt adultery partner, he can just be sh*t out of luck and not have any good house and figure it all out on his own, once we sell our house. I hope he can't afford jack by then. So much for being her sugar daddy and he has his own self to blame. I have not one single ounce of cooperation or compassion left for his sorry arse. All I ever cared about then or now is my launching daughter's needs. Sadly when I talked to her about moving in with me, she was pretty down on the idea.

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Dec 5

@SparkyMendez Yes, he looks pretty much like Brad Pitt.

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Dec 5

Uh-oh like Brad Pitt. Like from that great scene in Thelma and Louise. That explains a lot. Brad Pit might be able to wear me down a bit ;-)
Or maybe not, I really have no patience for any kind of Narc. I'm just disgusted by them at this point.

SparkyMendez's picture
Dec 6

Hahaha. That’s awesome. U almost considered it tho cuz he’s a hot piece


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