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So a small update on my situation. As some may remember my S


So a small update on my situation. As some may remember my STBX wife decided that she would tell everyone that I was mentally abusive to her to justify her adulteress actions when she got caught. Spread the lies to her family and to some of mine. She has failed to give me a direct answer on if we are going to work at the relationship or not and would only tell me that a lot of people have been hurt so she doesn't know if it can be repaired.. Out of no where one of my Aunts begins to blow up my facebook with asinine comments and it becomes apparent that my STBX wife is up to her crap again. And she still lives the lies she has told..... Then this past Sunday I found out that she is involved with another individual at her work. At that point I made the decision that I just need to move on with my life. Why would I want to be with someone that has done all this damage and is actually living her lies. As I am finally coming to grips with that, I have begun to feel better about myself and started to have good days. And actually being happy for once in a very long time. Then yesterday she calls me from her desk at work and I answer the phone in an upbeat tone of voice and she asks ' What is with you, why are you acting like that. ' I hear someone in the background say ' Oh no he did not '. At this point I realize what she is doing, putting on a show for someone. She continues to moronic stuff on the phone and I finally say ' I have no clue what you are talking about, I am in a great mood. Actually, have been amazingly happy all day until this phone call '. The light bulb goes off in my head and realize how long she has been doing this type of thing and the extents that she has gone to manipulate the situation and people.

It is interesting the things that you see that are and have been happening once you begin to disconnect yourself from the situation. I had wanted to save this 20 year relationship because of the children and because I loved her... But I do not deserve any of this, I have worked hard to provide for my family which had allowed her to be a stay at home mom for 13 years. Dedicated myself to my family and this is what I get in return? Disrespect and constant betrayal... Hell NO!!

Because of all of this she is dead to me. If she was attempting to repair this marriage she would not be jumping from one guy to the next for attention. I am not the backup plan, I am not the fallback plan and I am not going to be strung along with her games any longer. She has known how much I care about her and that I would like to have saved the marriage so she does this crap. Well, let her continue to THINK that I want to save the marriage, let her THINK that I am not over her... Because when the day comes, I will be the first standing inline at the courthouse to file for my divorce waiting for the door to be unlocked. to hand them the paperwork. She thinks I am angry, but honestly I am not, I am disappointed and disgusted by her actions and ready to move on with my life as I deserve something better than her. She is a sick and vile human being.....

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Jan 10

@Eddie 1975 and @Irish 925 just gave you two VERY wise pieces of advice. #1..."They really panic when they aren't able to manipulate the situation" and "Keep on pretending to be the nice guy, get everything down in your divorce decree and bring it to her to sign while she is still in the FOG" took me forever to stop thinking "what can I do to fix it" and take my friggin life back...don't friggin make that mistake. I'm divorcing my wife of 32 years because she spread 'em for a dirtbag because of whatever reason she has this week....I feel your pain brother, but take care of YOU and the kiddo's and tell her to eat a ginormous bag of dic#s.

Jan 17

Glad to hear you can remove yourself from the emotional and start to reason. Also, happy to hear you are starting to have good days! If your wife is unwilling to move forward together it will be difficult. If you are still willing, pray and seek professional couples counseling. I'm not advocating for you to be abused and put up with a promiscuous wife. I'm just saying there is always hope if both of you are willing.

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Jan 17

@WornOut32 "tell her to eat a ginormous bag of dic#s." <-- FOR THE WIN!
And @Torch1976, you do the same my brother!


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