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Quick share. My son's godfather is my buyers agent and we ha

Quick share. My son's godfather is my buyers agent and we haven't talked in 6 years. He like some of you have helped me get by in all this. He said to me this morning it's ok I have your back, I will help you get thru this so we can laugh again. This kind of crying is better. I love getting my friends back and am making new ones. This is going to work, I know it cause the "timing" is right. Chin up!

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Sep 11

@Round3 Amen!

GirlKitty's picture
Sep 12

@blindmike I'm so glad you've reconnected with him. I'm so glad the relationship is still strong and you have him to help you while searching for a house.
When my divorce was final, I feared the number of people I'd lose touch with and that would chose to support my ex. After all, my ex was only a jackass at home, he had a good facade he showed the world. But, when all the dust settled, I found out I had so many supporters. Where I thought his facade was air tight, so many people had seen through it. Our CPA that did our taxes said she didn't like being in her office alone with my ex, that he gave her the creeps. I didn't like being in a room alone with him either...he also gave me the creeps! LOL!

Sep 12

@GirlKitty So sorry you had to live like that. He sounds like a monster. Please remember how many friends you have here. We have you!


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