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Question for the group. Have any of you initiated a divorce

Question for the group. Have any of you initiated a divorce but wished you stayed after the divorce? I feel like I am mourning the future I thought I had and the man I thought he was. But I am afraid to flip the switch and divorce him. We have young kids and are currently separated. He was unfaithful for years. Why can't I just do this?

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Nov 12

Yes. Now Divorced since June. Two young girls. 8 and 11. Hardest thing i have ever done. But was left not choice IMO.

Nov 13

@Yousaid4ever She’s so hopeful we will get back together.

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Dec 4

@SadInChicago89 - I'm sorry it's something you're struggling with... when I was in the situation, it was something I struggled with too. I saw a counselor who has similar Christian beliefs and we talked about it in our sessions. She taught me some things that helped me not feel like I was disobeying God even though I was going through a divorce... E.G. she helped me learn that when we look back in life, we see errors in our decisions, but that at the time, we make the decision, we're not mean hearted and intentionally trying to be bad people. We're making the best decisions we can with the information we have... and that helped me give grace to myself. I also have learned some about God's grace. I think He's more merciful and loving than I understood. I'll keep you in my prayers and hope you receive strength and peace through your journey.


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