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On August 14th my wife told me she wants to separate and sel


On August 14th my wife told me she wants to separate and sell the house. Within a week the house was listed and sold and I had to buy another house so I have somewhere to live. I dont move until November. We were together for 15 years and married for 10. She did not give me any reasons and just said she hasnt loved me in 2 years. Im not angry, im just deeply saddend. I had enrolled us in a counselling course as I could tell things wernt right. She barley took part- she was already gone.

Ive been working hard to focus on myself and I keep trying to let her go. The problem is that no matter how hard im trying, I still think about her, texting her, what she would want etc. Im still not letting go for some reason. I just keep holding on to something that is gone :(. I dont know how to fully accept and let go.

Ive spent many times just fully breaking down and crying, screaming etc but it still remains. She still says its over.

The first 3 weeks I was in denial stage with being so busy, now im somewhere in the other stages.

How do I finally let go?

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Sep 29

@beth65 Yes I think she came to terms with things long ago. It was much easier for her as she just hides her true feelings and doesnt communicate. She also has her friend who is also recently divorced to talk with. Your right, it is embarrassing when she goes behind my back and puts down our marriage but never has the courage to talk to her husband about it. Makes me angry to think about it as I did so much for her since November, all of which she took for granted. Her answer when I said she under appreciated me was "i didnt ask you to do that stuff". Just hurtful.

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Sep 29

@dobbsie sounds like something my ex would have said.

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Oct 4

@beth65 Even though my "ex" came back, I still go through the crying & screaming. It was almost too much to bear. I had heart palpitations for 2 1/2 months. I was going to move into my cousin's wife's trailer. She & I became friends after I made her laugh when she lost my aunt. It's still one of the hardest things she's ever been through.


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