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OMG!!! Here I go again. My son (17) just called me and asked

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OMG!!! Here I go again. My son (17) just called me and asked me what is going on. I said "Concerning what?" He said they are releasing him tomorrow to his mother, who beat the blood out of him almost exactly four years ago. He has spent most of the last four years in the custody of the state. Last week they were telling ME to make appointments for him because he was going to be released to ME soon. That has been the plan for at least six months. He asked if anything strange has happened in the last week and I told him not that I know of. He said they had him on a video call today and told him this and when he asked why he isn't being released to me everyone went silent and no one would give him an answer and no one will return my calls or texts. He said they asked them if he is okay being released to her and he said that's fine (because he doesn't want to live in a group home anymore.) He's already lost ALL of his teen years. Something really fishy is going on and has been going on ever since she did this to him in 2016. We just can't figure out what it is. He said since he got his high school equivalency they have to drop the truancy charges but this possibly has something to do with the incorrigibility charges his mother filed on him two years ago. He's NOT a bad kid. He's a victim of child abuse. There is NO WAY I can be living in reality right now. No way at all. They are forcing this child to live with his abuser. I'm so shaky and nervous right now. I just KNOW my ex has something to do with this. She has manipulated these people into thinking I'm the bad guy. There is no single person on earth as good at manipulation as this woman. OR, am I just completely insane? I want to cuss so bad right now.

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May 27

Or news channel?

May 28

@eddie1975 He'll get through the next year eddie. He will, and he'll be fine. He'll get a job and move out like any other young adult.

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Jun 2

I'm sorry that this is happening to your son and you.
Romans 12:12 says, "Rejoice in the hope. Endure under tribulation. Persevere in prayer." You and your son should contemplate the future hope we have, a worldwide society of people free from crime, egotism, jealousy, quarreling, abuse​—where no one has to worry about their safety. How thrilling!​— Trials have a beginning and an ending. No trial lasts forever. In this case, the ending is eleven months away but it may be sooner if you and your son accept the invitation by Almighty God to persevere or be consistent in praying for help with this specific problem. Endure, don't give up!


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