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OMG, ex comes into MY house!!! Ok, so my daughter has been

OMG, ex comes into MY house!!!
Ok, so my daughter has been staying w/ me and all has been great! Last Thursday evening she wasn't feeling well and took Friday off and stayed home...ex swung by and picked her up for lunch...this is the first time she has been over the house since September, when she finally picked up the rest of her stuff. I live on 18 acres, so its a jaunt to get to the front of the I understand her coming up to the house...what pisses me off is that she actually came into the house...I didnt invite her, I was in there and didn't know they were coming in...figured ex was just dropping her back home after lunch...well, I turn around my daughter is there hugs me and starts heading to her room to pick up her keys...I turn back and there my ex was...just came right in and starting petting our animals that she left behind...she said, "Hi"...I said, "Hello, hows it going?", this has NEVER happened before...and IT WON'T is what I plan to do...before I daughter and ex left at the same time...daughter daughter looked before she got in the car and said dad...I love you...and then turned to ex and said hurry up you need to move your car so I can go...ex just said bye and a text from my daughter about 30 seconds later saying "I tried to tell her that she shouldn't come in...sorry dad.."...I actually thought this would trigger me...its not that I am triggered...I am more like who the f*&k does this btch think she is...I wasn't going to get into it in front of my daughter who was heading to the hospital to check on a friend...however, wtf would have happened if I had another woman over? My daughter is the one who is having the hardest time w/ this...however, my ex's putting her in the middle...are taking their toll on her and she's starting to lose more and more respect for her mom. My plan - I thought about writing the ex...I thought about calling the ex...I thought about texting the ex...about her actions, but I do not want to break 180NC...I mean, WTF would happen if I showed up at her place w/ my daughter and walked in...on her and her cousin/OM....I really want to send that to my ex...but I'm not going to give her the satisfaction....mother f*&king thoughts?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?

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GirlKitty's picture
Mar 13

@eddie1975 First, I'm so glad to hear from you. I was really worried, but I understand spending time with your kids. That's the best reason to be away.
I really hope your attorney can win against her! After all she's done and all she's put you and the kids through, if a judge can't see this, s/he's blind.
"She's mad at things you did to her" yeah, my ex believes his lies, too.
I'll be hoping court goes well for you and I'm so glad you're back! Keep us posted before then.

Irish925's picture
Mar 14

@eddie1975 Don't hold back Eddie, tell me exactly how you feel :)

I am sorry Amber still is giving you static, I was hoping her emails were a sign of her having a changing heart, but it seems she still manipulating the situation. I'm sorry Eddie...I was worried about you especially when I was the one who said to reach out to her. Alas, Amber is still lost....

Irish925's picture
Mar 14

@outoftheblue72 Oh forgot to answer, Yep...representing area code 201 !!!!!... :)


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