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Ok, well I guess today I am on the chopping block. So, all p

Ok, well I guess today I am on the chopping block. So, all paperwork has been completed and will be submitted to the judge by end of day today. Incoming WTF moment - So, last night I get a call from my exwife (No longer STBXW), why did she call you may ask??? To...wait for it..."I wanted to call to see how you are doing? I still care and worry about you...your feelings matter to me" Yea, this is my world now...I said "well, my feelings haven't matter over the last 9 months so....why now?" Her response - "You're right and that was wrong of me and I'm sorry." She wants to meet w/ me on Sunday to convey what is in her heart and mind, she told me she was afraid to before but now that this is behind us she can...she feels I am owed some answers. So, we are meeting on Sunday, so I can get any/all questions answered. Oh the joy of divorce, its a gift/curse that keeps on giving...need some good vibes and prayers people...any would help a whole lot!!!...

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Sep 14

I do not wish you ill, I do not wish you well, only that life gives you everything you deserve. :)

Sep 14

Hey Irish. You asked for advice. I think until everything is done, filed, stamped and returned to you by the court, I would avoid her like the plague! She's trying to get to you for some reason, But, that's just one persons opinion. If you do choose to meet with her, leave yourself an out so that if you do decide at the last second, you can go. It's all up to you. Good luck to ya!

Sep 15

Anyone out there? It’s been a week I’ve been replaced by another woman I haven’t heard from him on days I’m lost I’m lonely it’s depressing I’m here alone on a Friday night while my husband is having fun and screwing his new girlfriend


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