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OK, so here is my situation: Married 25 years this Sept. H

OK, so here is my situation: Married 25 years this Sept. Husband confronted me and said he wants a divorce. I will call my lawyer tomorrow. There are some mental health issues going on with him that he is refusing help for. I still love him, how do I go on with my life after the divorce? HOW does a person throw away their family? What are the chances that he will come back?

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Jul 17

@April - well said HurtHubby and I too think I'm gonna find my new hubby in produce isle

Jul 17

@HurtHubby thank you so much for what you wrote. He to is a narrsisst but won't admit it.

Jul 17

@April , good answer. In my opinion, any man that knows how to pick good fruit and vegetables is a keeper. I even know how to tell the difference between a male and female bell peper. LOL.


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