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Officially 1 month ago today I got thrust into this God fors

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Officially 1 month ago today I got thrust into this God forsaken separation. Stopped by the house for financial stuff tonight. All emotions for me, as with a month ago, are just shut off. How can somebody do this?

Really a down day for me.

Aug 13

Because they are selfish people and only think of their happiness. They have emotionally detached. U need to work on doing the same. They r not who u thought they were. U dont deserve this. None of us do. It is what it is. Cry and move forward. Happiness will come again in time.

Aug 13

I usually feel like I’ve got this and have a plan but today I’m struggling too.

Someone said this to me today, you are on a bus. You are on the bus until it is your stop. This part sucks, but it’s not your stop. Stay on the bus.

I hope it eases your mind somehow because it did for me.

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Aug 13

@HikerGuy my x checked out long before I discovered the affair. He told me he mourned the death of our marriage while I was unaware he wasn’t happy. I also believe they have to shut off all emotions and memories of us so they can live with themselves.


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