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My wife of 20 years ask me for a divorce, correction, she di


My wife of 20 years ask me for a divorce, correction, she didn't ask, it was a declaration in front of our 2 children. that was on Wednesday. since then...I was switching between depressed and anxiety attack.
today, I thought I start to accept it and might be able to sleep. mid night, about to turn off the light, she just gave me the divorce paper.

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Feb 23

this house belongs to her family so she kicks me out, kids will stay with her, she will rent out my bedroom and office, plus getting the benefit from the government, she will remain unemployed but probably earn more money than me.
she will have full custody of the kids but I have full access rights, I will drop my daughter to school in the morning and have my son over the weekend.
and you are right, this divorce save me thousands each month. and I know that I will enjoy the bachelor life style. but I don't want any of that...all I want is to wake my kids up every morning, kiss them good night every day.
when my son ask me "dad, why are you leaving, don't you want to live here anymore?"
what should I say to that...I don't want any of this...your mom is the cause of all these, she gave up on us, cheated on me. she kicks me out of the house. but I can't tell him that...

Feb 23

You are right, you cant say any of that to the kids.
OK, so you need to find a new place to live. Try to get as close to your kids as you can. Since she is living rent free, you will be paying less. I don't know what kind of government support your referring too. Disability? Why does she get full custody? I know a few people who do the 50/50 thing. If it means you need to find a different job to do that then its worth trying. Why wont you have your daughter for weekends?
You don't want the bachelor life style, but will have it. She does want it, but wont really have it because she will have the kids. It may not take her long to agree to different arraignments once the reality sets in. You should focus on proving that you are a stable environment for the kids. You may need that in the future.
I am really sorry for what you are going through. It seems like the faithful spouse is the one to get sc*****. I know that is my case. My H refuses to leave. Our income is such that there is no way we could support two households. I do not trust the people he will expose our kids to. He will be able to do whatever he wants, while I will be cleaning up the mess he leaves behind. My kids know some of what he has done. I believe the oldest wants us to divorce. Our son, tells me everyday how much he loves his daddy, and my youngest tells anyone who will listen that I'm a homophobe. (did I mention that my H cheats with men?)

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Feb 23

She is living rent free but she create a phony rent agreement with her dad for $400 a week so that is going to be a twist of a knife in my back. trust me, she plan everything, she will get support from government, rent 2 room out, in cash. combine with her 'Rent' contract, she will earn more money than me while not having to do a thing.


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