My wife of 20 years ask me for a divorce, correction, she di


My wife of 20 years ask me for a divorce, correction, she didn't ask, it was a declaration in front of our 2 children. that was on Wednesday. since then...I was switching between depressed and anxiety attack.
today, I thought I start to accept it and might be able to sleep. mid night, about to turn off the light, she just gave me the divorce paper.

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Feb 17

@DKjojoe I know it's hard, but you need to start rebuilding your own life now. I admire you for hanging in there and am sorry things aren't working out the way you wanted.

Feb 17

No. You are not an idiot. It takes two people to compromised. This is hard. And we hope. Always the hope. For example , in my case my husband desapeard no text, no phone. And for some reason I still hope. How sad is that.


As bad as it is, you should start to look at the good things. You have a job, and therefor a source of income. In a divorce you will probably be paying alimony, but that will be less then what your paying to support her now. I'm not sure how old your kids are, but if they are minors, she probably wont want full custody ( it will cramp her style). You could get full custody or 50/50. NO child support. With custody of the kids, you would get the house. Given that you are the only one with an income, you are the only one able to pay the mortgage. She will need to find a place to live. She will need to get a job. She will start to depend on her bf for a lot of stuff, and he may not like that.
By the way, you may want to do a little research on this guy, for the wellbeing of the kids.


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