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My wife of 14 years walked out on me. I was her first boyfri

My wife of 14 years walked out on me. I was her first boyfriend and she never lived the young life she stay in her house. But about a year and a half ago she started school and started hanging around girls in there teens and 20s she is 38. Her way of dress changed her sexuality exploded and she started like the attention from other men she never got. She wont talk to me or even come around me. Within 2 weeks of her leaving she was with someone else. It broke my heart. But the love I felt isn't there any more but the hurt is. She lied to me for a year because she said she hasn't loved me for a year.

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@Scat I would probably try. But the love wouldn't be the same because of her lien about our love for the past year and her walking out while I was on the road. I dont know if I could trust her anymore. Only thing that would keep me there if she did is our son. I don't want him to be the product of a broken marriage. But I do have lots of respect for him because he is taken this like a man not a child. First thing I told him was this was not his fault and no matter what I would always be there for him.

Mar 14

@Truckingmaddhatter, glad you're focusing on healing and your son's best interests.

Mar 14

Hey Truckingmaddhatter this sounds like a pretty tough road for you. Regardless of the ultimate fate of your marriage, I encourage you to practice forgiveness. Forgive yourself and start building towards forgiving her. Not easy, but it's a goal.
Like some of the other posters, I think this could be analogous to the Prodigal son. If/when she comes back; you can handle that later. I just think it underscores that this is most likely a bug she's gotten on her own, so don't be too hard on yourself.


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