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My wife decided divorce was what she wanted Jan 28th. Now a

My wife decided divorce was what she wanted Jan 28th. Now a little over two months later my wife has found herself a place to live and is preparing to move out of our home today at 9:00 AM. We have 2 little boys, and tomorrow marks the beginning a serious change for me. I will no longer get to see them every day of their lives anymore. I've been pretty involved in their lives, and knowing that I will see them half of the time at best is pretty painful and frustrating. This is probably the worst aspect of divorce for me now. I've worked through no longer being involved with my wife. Her cruelty towards me eroded any desire I could ever have be with her as a companion anymore. I will miss our family. We did family pretty well. We had a pretty awful relationship between she and I though.

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Apr 16

Of course, I'm not here to rub salt on your wounds. Why should I waste my time on that? However, I feel that I can provide you more rather than just showing you empathy. If you like to cover it up and not to talk about it, it is fine with me. All of us here at SG only knows that you have a mean ex-wife and you can't see your adorable boys as often as in the past. But honestly, that is not the point. I strongly feel that your presence here is not just to seek for empathy. Rather, you are here so that all the people can give you our 5 cent worth of suggestions. Who knows if the people here can suggest something that can convince your ex-spouse to let you have more time or some sort together with your boys. But with only a part of your story, we can only feel sorry for you and nothing else. I hope you can understand.

Apr 16

So sorry for your loss. : ( Divorce is difficult because we have to suffer what you describe, not having the same life we knew. It's very difficult initially, especially for the non-custodial parent. The counselor my ex husband and I went to when we first broke up, advised my ex to spend quality time with our girls and see them as often as possible. Thankfully he did end up following her advice. I personally had to get into individual counseling after our divorce because I felt a bit lost and less focused.

Apr 18

Marriage is a 'death till you part' commitment; a 100% - 100% giving relationship; a spirit/soul/body relationship. Both of you experiencing the negative emotions that comes from a divorce because this special relationship has been damaged and the spirit/soul and body are impacted. I'd advise speaking with a counselor, pastor or minister that can offer wise and long-term, effective advise. Maybe this is the best thing? I pray that your 2 boys can know a loving, caring Mom and Dad. Blessings to you all!


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