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My husband of 5 years and relationship of 10 years dropped a

My husband of 5 years and relationship of 10 years dropped a bombshell on me the day I was due to be induced with our daughter. He has been cheating on me and wants a divorce because he now is in love with this other woman. I now have a newborn daughter and a husband who is leaving me. He promises to be in the baby's life and be amazing coparents. I am struggling most with how to be alone. We have been together since high school. I don't know who I even am without him. I have no idea how to be alone, being alone scares me. I have a newborn to take care of and yet my entire world was just shattered into a million pieces. I have no real hobbies I don't even know what I like to do. Any advice or help or anything?!

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Dec 4

@Bigred6556 i feel like that too, only three months into my separation. Watched my mom die of cancer but this hurt worse. I invested my entire life, gave up living in my country near my family, quit a good paying job with good benefits to get rejected. That rejection stings, it's like the death of your wife with her last words being I dont love you. It makes you question and reevaluate everything but know there are those who love you. If you have any shoulder to cry on I envy you, I can only cry and hug my kids which makes me feel like a lunatic who is traumatizing them. Just know its a long battle, be patient and love yourself. Dont feel like you arent worthy of better treatment and know in a few years it will all fade.

Dec 4

I am so sorry! My heart goes out to you and your little girl.

My husband of 12 years had cheated on me, too, and he left me with our two boys to raise on my own. I would have loved it if he would have considered getting help to salvage our marriage. Do you want to stay with him? I’m wondering if it would be an option (or even if he would be open to the suggestion) for you both to see a marriage counselor. I am so pro-marriage and family. I just hate to see families split up. I’ve found that whatever caused that infidelity has not been resolved just by moving on to be with someone else.

During that period of being alone, I spent a lot of time reading my Bible, making new friends, listening to uplifting music, and enjoying my children. I also love to read and have found a lot of Christian books that have helped me deal with my own emotions and grow in my faith. I learned to put my trust and hope in Jesus instead of man, anything else that has been added to my life is just what I call a ‘bonus’.
It may be helpful to find a good church to get involved in, I have found the people in the church to be so loving, helpful, and kind. I am sure thinking of you.

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Dec 4

OMG I hurt for you. A new born and he pulls this crap.

I'm sorry but I can't even begin expressing what I'd do to someone like that.

Please know he is not a good person to say the least. If he has the guts to do this to you now, all I can say is, build your courage and get it moving.

Do you have any family to support you and your baby in the meantime?

That will very pivotal.


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