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my husband is currently having an emotional affair with an e

my husband is currently having an emotional affair with an ex gf from 20 years ago. his first true love, he says. we've been together almost 10 years. suddenly he doesn't love me "like that" anymore. doesn't know what he wants. i am having an incredibly hard time with all this...... idk what to do. if i kick him out it will make my life so very difficult. if i let him stay i'll go mad. i told him yesterday that i was willing to hold off on divorce till i qualify for better benefits thru work but i'm not sure how long that will take. we also work in the same place. i feel like i'm in an alt universe.

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Dec 5

@ladyowl610 being alone is not as bad as you think. Coming from me that's huge because I was panicked for a year and a half. I have abandonment issues and this almost killed me. I've been on here for nine months and I've whined more than anyone wanted to hear. But I made it through with all the amazing support on here. I was separated for fourteen months before she got her divorce five months ago and I've been on two dates with a great woman but now I am having doubts again. Maybe I'm not ready for a relationship. Maybe I should be alone for a while. Maybe for a long time. I do really like this woman though and I don't want to be unfair to her.

Dec 6

@ladyowl610 I am so sorry you are facing this. Please know that you are not alone. Look here for support and even seek counseling if necessary but please never feel alone. You will get through this, take things one day at a time. Prayers to you as you face this....

Dec 6

I'm sorry you are going through this. Do you have professional help? Counsellor or psychologist? I'm only asking because these seem like complicated issues all related to one another so making sense of it all might be very difficult on your own right now.


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